Newton on Ouse Parish Hall Hirer's Agreement

1. Agreement to Hire The Newton on Ouse Community Association ( "Nooca") hereby agrees to permit the individual or organization named in this agreement (the "Hirer") to use the Newton on Ouse Parish Hall (the "Hall") subject to the following terms and conditions.

2. Use of Premises The Hirer shall only use the Hall for the purpose described in this agreement and shall not sublet or use the Hall for any other purpose without the prior written consent of the Council.

3. Period of Hire The Hirer shall have use of the Hall for the period specified in this agreement. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Hall is vacated on time and left in a clean and tidy condition.

4. Fees and Deposit The Hirer agrees to pay the hire fee as determined by the Nooca.

5. No Smoking, Vaping, or Naked Flames Smoking, vaping, and the use of naked flames are strictly prohibited inside the Parish Hall at all times.

6. Emergency Contact The Hirer must ensure that a mobile phone is available during the hire period to summon assistance from Emergency Services if necessary.

7. Fire Safety Compliance The Hirer agrees to familiarize themselves and their guests with the Fire Safety Equipment and Fire Exit Plan, which is on display in the hall. The Hirer must comply with all fire safety regulations.

8. Access and Exits All exits must remain clear and unlocked at all times during the hire period to ensure easy evacuation in case of an emergency.

9. Capacity Limits The maximum capacity of the Hall is limited to:

  • 70 persons for a dance event.
  • 50 persons for a seated event.
  • 50 persons for an exhibition or fair.

10. Electrical Equipment Any electrical equipment brought into the Hall by the Hirer must have a valid PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificate.

11. Assembly Point In case of an emergency, the assembly point will be in the car park at the rear of the building.

12. Damage and Liability The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Hall, its fixtures, or contents during the period of hire.

13. Cancellation Policy

The Hirer agrees to the following cancellation terms:

  • 7 Days Notice: If the Hirer cancels the booking with at least 7 days' notice prior to the event, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total hire cost will be charged.
  • 24 Hours Notice: If the Hirer cancels the booking with less than 24 hours' notice prior to the event, the full hire cost will be charged.

Nooca reserves the right to waive or reduce cancellation fees at its discretion, under exceptional circumstances.